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You have to follow the map if you want to reach your destination. A horoscope reader will help you find where you are on your life path right now , and then guide you along the path that you must follow to live your soul-purpose. Of course, there will be all kinds of stuff going on as you travel along, but heck, how boring would life be if it was all plain sailing?

So if you look at it like that, a horoscope reader can tell you about anything that happens in your life. You can ask for guidance and insight about:. Stop punishing yourself! These sites have stacks of readers who do horoscope readings, and many of them are horoscope psychics.

What about our partner site Psychic Source? A crystal energy reading is more of a therapeutic reading , where a horoscope reading is a reading of your life-path. Crystal energy readers offer you a group of gems and crystals and ask you to choose some. Based on your choices you can have a healing reading that highlights issues and offers you solutions. A horoscope reader works with your zodiac sign and the astrology around you to give you insight and guidance on your journey through life. Every month of the year and every zodiac sign is related to different crystals and gemstones. These are known as your birthstone.

By wearing or keeping your birthstone close by you can draw on its energy when you need to. The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection. Most sites require you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you connect with a horoscope psychic, you are charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Her reading style is compassionate and she is also a Reiki Healer apart from being an astrologer. She is an Empath and clairvoyant who has practiced many healing modalities like — Astrology, energy therapy, and hypnotherapy.


That is the reason she is able to help any individual with any issue in life. We have already detailed the cost structure for PsychicSource above and that applies to Psychic Unity as well! She is available for readings on all days except for a sunday. Home daily horoscopes. Get Your Free Horoscope Reading! Steer clear of those who always manage to push your easily pushable buttons. Venus the planet of love and relationships in your 3rd house of communication and short trips makes the weekend a very special time indeed to do something fun with the people you love.

However Venus moves into Pisces this weekend, the same part of your chart, and this is actually her perfect placement. A casual fling you might have been enjoying could get more serious or a new one could pop up out of nowhere. Remember the simple rule — one or both of you risk getting transferred or fired. If you can keep it on the down low — great. And with Mars the planet of passion remaining out of phase in your romance zone, it could fizzle out as quickly as it starts up.

Over the weekend, cosmic magic occurs when Venus the planet of love moves into Pisces, her favourite matchmaker in the zodiac. Now is a great time to be more focused on finding someone special versus just having fun. Someone to nest with over winter. LIBRA Luckily for you Librans, you have the right amount of patience to deal with the Sun and Uranus team up early this week that could have others clashing and fighting before allowing reason to take over. Mars remains retrograde in your sign and some of you could be feeling rather down on energy.

Good news however, this weekend when Venus your ruler and the planet of love and social swirling moves into Pisces, where she is exalted and happy as a cosmic clam. Venus the goddess of love, light and relationships anoints your sign this weekend — the place where she is exalted and the most content. April is a great month for a makeover — from small to more extreme — it depends on you.

Coupled Pisces should make the most of this visit and plan a getaway if you can. Over the weekend, Venus the planet of love settles happily into Pisces, your 4th house of home and family. Why not plan something fun for the whole family on Sunday? The very air you breathe really, with Venus the goddess of love and romance moving into Pisces, the sign she is happiest in and your 5th house of romance, self—fulfillment and creativity.


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Committed Scorpions need to use this cosmic gift as a way of finding their way back to their partner if they have indeed drifted off course in any way. TAURUS Saturday is set to be one of the best days of so far with Venus your ruler moving into Pisces, your 11th house of hopes, dreams and wishes and the Venus placement she is happiest in. When Venus smiles, you smile Taureans. An introduction through a friend is the best way to meet your special someone.

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Venus the goddess of love and relationships moves into Pisces, her favourite spot and your one on one relationship zone this Saturday. April is set to be a month of fun, lots of social occasions and for single Virgos, a chance to go on a few dates and allow yourself to be swept off your feet, if only to land again with a thud when the thrill is gone.

You must be 18 or over to use this service. Now, in a groundbreaking move, Psychic Guild is offering live webcam psychic readings and chats from its team of professional and trusted psychics. Universal Time One degree of longitude is 4 minutes and Time is calculated based on longitude. Universal Psychic Guild - - rated 4.

Free Horoscopes: Get a Weekly Horoscope Reading Get your free daily horoscope from Psychic Source and learn about the role your zodiac sign and horoscope play. Com aries and aries woman this special libra and personality quizzes to date men of each zodiac sign personality. Free daily Psychic minutes! Universal Psychic Guild Looking for expert guidance?.

Universal Psychic Guild the largest Psychic Guild in the world. Be a Universal Psychic Guild member and access all our free stuff!! They even offer new members a free psychic reading just to try it out! The Fair is a charity event and your donation is tax deductible. This Pin was discovered by Universal Psychic Guild.

Aries: People born under this zodiac sign are linked to "The Emperor" tarot card which helps you to tap your analytical and intellectual abilities to achieve your goals. Universal Psychic Guild and Astrogirl bring to us, our free weekly video horoscopes to give us insight and overview of the week ahead which thousands have grown to admire, love and trust from years past. Find out your star sign horoscope from our very own Russel Grant. The International Center for Reiki Training Universal Psychic Guild - - Rated 4.

There are many ways psychic healers can help their patients through providing a psychic reading and healing. Psychic profiles. If there is a product or service you'd like us to stock or offer, please let us know, we'd love to hear from you! By the Staff of Watchman Fellowship, Inc. LoveDivine in the hanged man in a love tarot reading on 22 Aug Submit your free psychic question ask your question and get instant feedback.

Universal Psychic Guild provides accurate psychic readings about life, love and success and immediate answers to your questions to make you happier and more successful in every aspect of life.

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Psychic Tools for Exploring Psychic Power Everyone is blessed with psychic abilities waiting to be explored and discovered. Your guide to physics on the web. Bear in mind to impart it to your companions. Welcome to Psychic Guild's free daily horoscopes! Both guild and non-guild members can post, but only guild members can advertise their services.

The calculations of Sunrise and Ascendant are based on latitude and these mathematical values vary from latitude to latitude. Discover more facts about Zodiac Sign Lia! Read more about their qualities on Universal Psychic Guild! Now is a great time to sort out friends from frenemies. Free psychic chat room events, and a related discussion forum for registered users. Long and luxurious astrology predictions from celebrity astrologer Jessica Adams, in your monthly horoscope. Live psychic reading done by professional and skilled psychics via telephone or email.

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Here about 30 popular celebrity names, free daily horoscopes, free horoscopes, free tarot sites such as mysticgames. What's in the stars today? Choose your sign for a daily horoscope reading. Subscribers can receive all their horoscopes for the week ahead in a single email - just select Weekly Horoscopes for your sign when you register. Aug 20, - Children are highlighted today, Aries, either yours or someone else's.

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