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Though I can strictly say only Buddhist sign ie Chinese sign is supreme.

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I have had girls from all 12 signs and esp 6 girls from dragon. Sun signs just never mattered. It is strictly dragons for me. I had two saggi, one Scorpio, one Virgo, one capri and one Gemini dragons so I can safely say to ignore sun signs and just go by year sign. Piscesss horse 02 Ayy b pisces horses here and apparently this is my most compatible sign but tb honest I don't get alot well with virgos so sun signs is bs.

GADS The Chinese sign represents your temperament and how you walk through life and deal with its curveballs. Your sun sign represents your core being.

How you express your will on the world as a soul. For love and relationships you have to look at both Venus and moon signs. Look at your Venus sign as a man and it will show you what you are naturally attracted to in terms of personality characteristics and temperament. I think it will surprise you. It doesn't means its a great marriage partner though. That's your Juno sign. You should really study astrology thoroughly before dismissing what may be a great opportunity of insight into yourself and the potential of finding "the one".

VirgoTiger Hey, anyone got an opinion on a non-binary Virgo Tiger and a non-binary Aries Dragon being together? When people see us together they ask if we're a couple and we're not yet, bug we might eventually get together. Epitome I am the epitome of the Virgo Tiger, and I love it. Fire melts metal. Especially another tiger. Two tigers in the house is a NO!

What about a marriage with sheep? I am matched with a girl of sheep year. How will it turn out? I really wanna get into it if it is worth a good and harmony life as a couple. Vitiger Hi, that is pretty accurate. I'm a virgo Tiger as well. But I wanted to say that a Tiger and a Rabbit don't match well. A good match for the Tiger are the good-humoured, good-natured Pig, the free-spirited, optimistic Horse and the loyal, honest Dog. Scorpio dog How old are you 44?

Here’s What 12222’s Lunar Year Of The Pig Has In Store For YOU!

Susan I hate dogs. Tigers do NOT mix well with dogs regardless of all the reports to the contrary. In nature, do you see cats and dogs mixing?

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Cats tolerate dogs, but they don't mix. I was married to one, and they are lazy. All the dogs I know are lazy, and I like hard work and lots of free time and not having to support whining dogs. They all whine. They are all too into themselves.

Their constant worry and whining drains tigers' energy. LeoVirgoHorse I read that horse and tiger are supposedly not meant to be but I can't help feel so attracted to this virgo tiger man. We've been friends for a year I feel like he just enjoys teasing me.. Taunting me that he likes me. It is obvious he does but then some days I'm not so sure. How can I be for sure? He's just so brilliant.. I can't help be attracted to him. He's funny, sweet, honest, a family guy and we share so much in common.

Sapphy Horse and Tiger is a very good match It depends though on your full natal chart synastry. A look at lifepath no's is easier. Virgo Tiger Well our type look for much in a person but being IF you are a leo it may not work out Leos and virgo don't get along in relationships, just try to be friends as long as posibble before you let your shell crack. Dan Virgo tiger female with male ox cancer? Rabbitgirl [quote]Message from Dan Virgo tiger female with male ox cancer? Virgo man tiger had private ripped off. My ex-wife is a tiger and so am I. She was so mean to mean.

She ripped off my privates!!! She is as ugly as hell also. She has taken me hell!!!! Tiger without a penis!!! Tiger Virgo Male no privates on him I have no privates parts on me. My exwife, the tiger cancer female removed them. She will not leave alone, even after our divorce. Tiger man Hello there Virgo Tiger men whatever you do not they marry a tiger woman, tiger woman are mean.

A person I know married a tiger woman and they are divorced and she literally remove his manly hood. A tiger without his manly hood is pretty much nothing. It also has been proven in history.

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The reason for this is that the cat has relationship to the tiger. They are both in the feline family. So, they understand each other. As, the cat is a yin, it is probably the only animal that is related to the tiger that is a yin to the tiger? So, whatever one lacks, the other makes up for it. So, if the tiger need moderation in his life, the cat can give that to him. If the cat needs confident, the tiger that help him or her with that. A great example of a marriage between a cat and a tiger is Victoria Beckham?


They have the yin yang, which is the balance and harmony. The yin yang is what makes them stay together. The cat is an aunt to the tiger, like a mother and a child, so the tiger has respect for the cat. The tiger will not devour his or her auntie, will not have arguments or conflicts with the cat.

An example is, Angelina Jolie? Angie complained about the part of Lara Croft being offered to Ms. She disagreed that Ms. Fox can not play the part of Ms. Croft because she did not have the same class and style to play this character. Fox when offered the part, refused the role. Also, Ms. Jolie married Mr. Pitt and his Chinese Zodiac is a cat. This shows that the Chinese zodiac exist.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

The tiger is NOT best matched with a horse because there will be competition between the two and arguments. An example is Tom Cruise? The tiger is not best matched with a pig because tigers are meat eater or pork eaters, so there will be big problems that arises in the relations, even if there is a yin yang.