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The links with India, with history and a love of traditions probably exemplify the Saturn and Capricorn element. The cool British reserve, detachment ['stiff upper lip'? The English traditionally excel in diplomacy, playing in the centre-ground and trying to please everyone! That element also suggests the sign on its 7th house Libra, which has the scales of justice and a love of balance and symmetry, so manifest in English architecture and painting. This chart has a Capricorn Sun and Aries ascendant. It is widely regarded as the best of several other possible contenders for the title.

This trine seems to underscore the deep 'real-world' practicality of the British and the general success of the nation in such practical earth sign matters as manufacture, trade and commerce and politics. Another is the Union with Scotland chart for Finally, the UK chart of None of these other charts contain quite the same blend of influences possessed by the chart. While I accept these, they probably do need some slight modification. Scotland I have long thought that there is also some Sagittarius element, it having strong links to the aristocrats of England and Europe as well as its own complex clan system of families, and of land ownership, which are typically Cancerian.

It is also a land of tolerant Protestantism like Holland, also ruled by Cancer. Both were also strongly influenced by Calvinism. The link with medicine is partly covered by the caring sign of Cancer, but a strong Virgo element must also be present, especially for Edinburgh and Glasgow. I think a Sag. Sun with Cancer ascendant might therefore 'fit the bill' by placing sun in 6th house. Another possibility is a Cancer Sun with Virgo asc, which might be possible to get Sun in 9th house. The 6th and Virgo would resonate nicely with medicine for which its universities at Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Aberdeen excel.

A sound alternative scheme would involve a sag sun, Virgo asc, sun in 4th with either sun conjunction Moon or Moon on asc. Though times of birth are not always known, all these charts contain important Moon and Cancer, Jupiter, sag, elements which illustrate the above points for Scotland. A noon chart for Edinburgh will give most of the essential features of these individuals. For Wales , apart from the Gemini influence, there is also a strong Capricorn element and that is perhaps why it has such long, strong and generally harmonious ties with England as the dominant nation of the group.

Also, Gemini with Capricorn asc places sun in 6th house and hence Gemini-Virgo link to teaching, song and poetry, in which the Welsh generally excel. Alternatively a Gemini Sun with Virgo asc would place the sun in the Capricorn 10th house. This Capricorn element for Wales is also represented by its many wild and windy moors and mountains and rocks like slate and granite, which are extracted there, especially in North Wales.

Parallels occur when two planets are at the same declination, both in the north or south.

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They are considered to have the same effect as conjunctions. Contraparallels are when one star in the north and another in the south are at the same declination. They are considered to have the same effect as oppositions. More Astrology Charts. Daniel Barenboim November 15, at AM.

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Pippo Barzizza May 15, at AM. Eduard van Beinum September 3, at PM.

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Tom Pierson March 11, at PM. Recent on Astro-Charts. Chart Settings. Sign up to save your chart settings for every chart on the site! Show Houses using System:. Show Declinations read more. Position calculations: Change the way planetary positions are calculated. Tropical based on equinox Sidereal based on fixed stars read more. Chart Skin: Change the appearance of the chart. Light Dark Classic. All they have going for them is -usually — beauty and conversational skills. I think they are harder work than even pisces and aquarius men.

Clearly neither his music nor his personality is particularly interesting. Scorpalicious, once again we have a meeting of the brilliant minds. Just the fact alone that he chooses to give public post mortems of his relationships is to me most ungentleman like.

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Typically Kataka I switch the radio when any of his songs come on. And yes Ms. Air can be so cutting. Johnny Cash was never a wanker!

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And yes, agree — his public post mortems of relationships is very bad manners to say the least. Love your avatar too. Adore Johnny. Cappy Moon. Not that you tell all Scorpy…. I keep thinking you have a Scorpy Moon, not Sagg. My Progressed Moon firmly in Sagg now.

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Can you tell? You being an Aries, you usually tell it like it is. Yes and Joaquin shaved and cleaned up lately! Must google. Made me laugh. Good for him! I could never reconcile the cruelness of his personal life with the beauty of his songs….. Then Twitter. Rated 5.

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January 30, pm. January 28, pm. January 27, pm. Was just joking about Piglet…. Yeah, those lips are sloppy.